2 Extremely effective exercises to improve posture and circulation at work

We know long hours sitting at a desk can reduce blood flow and circulation, as well as negatively affecting posture and mobility. With the development of these problems, there has been a huge increase in sales of alternative working setups such as treadmill and standing desks. Both serve a great purpose, but aren’t so practical for most commercial office spaces.

To help with this issue, I’ve identified 2 great exercises you can do simply with a £5 exercise band at work. This will help to get blood flowing, as well as stretching and strengthening the shoulders, back and neck. So far I’ve had fantastic feedback from my clients in regards to these exercises, with them all seeing a noticeable positive difference in visible posture and shoulder/back/neck pain reduction during long hours seated at work.

I recommend performing 3 rounds of 10 reps for both exercises, either at lunch breaks or after continues hours of siting/driving. With everything patience is key with these exercises, looking to perform them 1-2 times daily over a period of many weeks. Improvements and changes are often gradual, but sticking with this work long term can yield highly beneficial improvements in mobility and shoulder function.

If you’re suffering from any of the above issues, give these exercises a go and let me know the results.




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