Quick tip to help speed up your weight-loss this summer!

Weight Loss Help In Buckinghamshire

The weather may be fluctuating a great deal this summer, but we can keep your weight-loss journey on track over the coming months. Here's a great suggestion for losing those unwanted pounds:


Protein is a great way of staying fuller longer, with it being highly satiating and slow digesting compared to other food choices such as refined carbohydrates.

Lean protein combined with some healthy fats and fibre, has really helped my clients stay full between meals, reducing the need to snack or drink unhealthily. Without the added calories of unhealthy snacks and drinks, it has been far easier to keep calories and weight loss manageable and under control.

Here are some good examples of such foods combining healthy protein, fats and fibre:

- Eggs

- Avocado

- Nuts

Give this a try, and let me know how it works out for you!

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