How to improve your health and fitness in 2019

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With the new year comes the time to reflect on the previous year, and what changes you would like to make in 2019. If 2018 was the year of false starts and setbacks, let 2019 be a fresh slate with new opportunities to grow and improve. Below are some suggestions to start off January the right way.

Focus on the basics

Improving your health and fitness this year doesn't have to require complicated training or diet plans, just focusing on doing the simple things right. For diet, focus on establishing an eating routine with 3 balanced meals a day, based around healthy protein and carb sources. Stay low on the fats, and choose healthier snacks with lower calories. Start exercise easy and light, with the focus being to build the routine into your lifestyle. Look at starting with just the 1 hour of exercise split across the week, looking to build up from there. Remember this isn't a race, perseverance beats speed.

Support is key

A great way of keeping on track with your training and diet this year, is to look for support and motivation from others around you. For exercise, look at joining local classes such as Zumba or aerobics, where you'll be pushed and supported by others around you. When it comes to diet, and can be a great way to begin your weight loss journey as part of a supportive encouraging group. Having friendly helpful individuals around you, can help to both keep you on track and inspire you to continue your journey through the start of 2019.

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