How can you stay motivated to train?

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As a personal trainer, this is one of the most frequently asked questions I get, and one area many of my personal training clients often struggle with. Unfortunately I cannot give on magic piece of advice or tip regarding motivation, rather a few helpful strategies to tackle this problem.

One such strategy is to consider how you are structuring your training sessions, and what different training methods are being utilised. Using varied training equipment, intensities and exercises is a really good way to keep exercise fun and exciting, helping to boost motivation in the long run. If you're struggling to stick to a routine, look at ways to make every training session as fun and engaging as possible.

Another method I recommend is finding a training partner you can be accountable to. Finding someone to workout with can add healthy competition and fun, helping to keep you motivated during and after sessions. You can also use a partner to be accountable to, letting them keep track of weekly weight goals and sending reminders for training sessions. Sharing the burden of fitness and health goals is a great way to keep up motivation.

A final suggestion would be to find an exercise class or a local personal trainer. This helps remove the barrier of not knowing what to do in sessions, as well as making a financial commitment towards your fitness and health goals. The clients I've worked with who go onto make the best results, are often the ones who commit themselves up front to a number of sessions or classes.

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